Floor Film

16mm, 30 mins, 1975
HD Video, 18 minute loop, 2016, this video was filmed off the screen.

The 1975 original of this unique film was projected via a large, overhead mirror onto a screen which formed the floor of a small room. The audience watched the film either by standing on the screen or by viewing through the mirror. Seen through the mirror the audience members in the room become part of the film. Those standing on the screen experience situations such as walking on water, the screen catching fire and other unusual events.

In 2016 the film was remade and upgraded to HD video with some new sequences and instead of the mirror for watching the audience on the film there is a camera mounted next to the projector which is linked to another projector outside the projection room. The video here is taken from the camera mounted next to the projector and shows 2 people watching the film on the screen and interacting with the images. It is a film that can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

Exhibited at Tate Britain and the ICA in London, at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and at many Art Galleries, Colleges and Schools throughout Britain. New version exhibited at New Court Gallery, Repton and Plymouth Art Weekender.

Sea Installation

Installation Version, 6 minutes, HD Video 2015

SEA is a meditation on the constancy of the rhythms and ever-changing movement of the sea as waves break on the shore at different locations in Cornwall. It is a hypnotic new perspective on a timeless manifestation of the forces of nature.
For the installation the projection fills the whole end wall of a dark space. Seen from beach level, waves are advancing with the sound from their direction. As the waves break and appear to fill up the space to create an underwater world, the sound also fills up the space surrounding the audience.

Installation version shown at Wirksworth Festival, September 2015

The Doors

3 Projector Video Installation on a 10 minute loop, 2010, this is a video extract.

All the images are of people entering or leaving a dark space through a door from a light space or from outside. When all doors are shut the installation space is dark. The images are initially projected life size and work as a light source, when a door is seen to open light floods in. Sometimes the space is populated by the sound of the voices of people who have entered.
The real door into the space is in the same wall as the projected doors and people entering the space become part of the piece for those already watching. It works very well in a gallery where the tentative or boisterous characteristics and curiosity of those entering merges with the video action. Once in the space and understanding what is happening, viewers change from being the performers of their own entrance to watching the entrance of others in the context of the piece. When viewing the clip above you need to imagine that the doors are lifesize and that next to them is the real door with people entering to view the installation.

Shown at the Wirksworth Arts Festival, Derbyshire; Art8 Festival, Newquay and NUA Gallery, Norwich.

The Pool Installation

Video Installation, 6mins 30secs loop, first shown 2006

‘The Pool’ presents a video fresco of underwater images of swimmers moving across all the surfaces of a space. Curious distortions occur and the complete loss of the edges of the frame alters the way the video is perceived. The gentle underwater soundtrack adds to the immersive impression.

Shown at Plymouth Arts Centre; Red Gallery, Hull; NUA Gallery, Norwich & New Court Gallery, Repton.

2nd Floor Film

Super 8mm, 8 mins, mute, 1972

Originally designed to be projected back up onto a screen on the glass floor on which it was made, this film uses people to explore the space beneath the floor. It was more recently screened as a ceiling film. Made while I was a Student at St Martin’s School of Art.